About Germany

Germany is an educational utopia for international students as it ranks 4th most popular destination among international students. Furthermore, Germany’s rich history and vibrant lifestyle are enough to immerse you among them. Whether it’s quality of life, job opportunities, beautiful landscapes, or appetizing foods the country has a lot to give you! No doubt, more than 357,000 foreign students are seeking admission to German universities with increasing figures every year.

Why study in Germany?

    You know what? You can survive in Germany without any prior knowledge of German, they do speak English! In fact, German universities offer English-taught programmes. Moreover, the government has allowed low or no tuition fees for the universities regardless of nationality. Germany provides a wide arena of programmes that are recognized globally. Students can pursue part-time jobs or internships while studying and get jobs with fine packages after accomplishing their Degrees.

Admission Season and Timeline

  • Summer( April) & Winter (October)

  • Before 8-9 months of session intake.

  • Application ongoing for Summer intake.

  • After a month of submission

  • December to January(summer intake); July-August (winter intake)

  • September (winter intake); April (summer intake)
Fun Facts
  • Capital: Berlin
  • Population: 83 Million
  • Language: German
  • International Students: 282002
  • GDP: $ 3.86 Trillion
  • Dialing Code: 49
  • Temperature: -3 to 26 °C
  • Currency: Euro

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Public institutions are either free or highly subsidised with very nominal tuition fees. However, the private institutions do charge tuition fees but are very nominal.

  • No, Germans do speak English but learning German would give you an advantage in social acceptability.

  • You can ask your university, attend job fairs, scour job portals, ask your network for recommendations, or find an organization that facilitates student internships.

  • Yes, you can work for 120 full days or 240 half days per year.

  • Engineering, Business Management, Humanities, Maths & Computer Science, Fine & Applied Arts are few top courses you can apply to in German universities.

Post Admission Experience

  • Rent: $892-$3009
  • Food: $892-$3009
  • Transportation: $892-$3009
  • Miscellaneous: $892-$3009
  • Language: German
  • Certificate: Yes

Top Universities in Germany

Technical University of Munich

QS World University Rankings marked TUM as 25th in Engineering & Technology, 28th in the natural sciences, 35th in computer science, and 50th place overall in the world.

KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

KIT is among the broadest and most prestigious Engineering & Technology major universities in the country. QS World University Rankings marked it 131th in the world.

Technical University of Berlin

QS World University Rankings marked TU Berlin 159th in the world as it is among the top Engineering & Technology universities in the country with 40 institutes offering more than 100 courses.

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