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Why Do Most Indian Students
Prefer to Study Abroad

  • Oct 10, 2021
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We understand, choosing a suitable study destination is quite a difficult job whether it’s in your homeland or in a foreign country. Hence, in the respective blog, we are about to discuss the fact why Indian students prefer to study abroad. Also, to know the pros of studying abroad you can check out our blog on ‘10 Benefits to Study Abroad’.
Do you have any idea, every year thousands of Indian students tend to cross the Indian border in order to pursue their higher education? A research story by ‘India Today’ claims “94% Indian students say they are more eager to study abroad in 2021 than in 2020”. Without sparing a single moment let’s hop into the prime point and see why Indian students prefer to study abroad.

Effortless Proceedings

With the changing time, the rules have also changed! Contemporarily, the enforcement of laws is designed in favour of the international students.

Easy Access to Students Visa

As discussed in the above pointer, rules are in favour of international students. Hence, most countries have easy access to students visa especially Germany, Italy, France, and UK.

Delightful International Students Policies

Governments of many international countries to name some, Germany, Italy, France, and the UK are enacting delightful policies for international students. Scholarships, low or free tuitions/semester fees, students discounting the groceries or accommodations, etc are some of them.

Wide Arena of Courses

Along with, the traditional courses the foreign universities offer tons of unconventional programmes to the students for better career prospects.

Freedom of Choosing Field and Subjects

Most international universities offer the liberty of choosing a suitable field and subject combinations.

Impressive Educational System

The foreign education system is quite impressive, unlike our spineless Indian education system. The teaching techniques and the syllabus are designed in a way to help the students with their chosen programmes and career prospects.

Research Opportunities

International universities offer notable research opportunities that help the pursuers to score a job in the research sector of top companies of any field.

Career Growth

As a matter of fact, an international degree increases your chance of bagging a job with the gratifying yearly package.

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